Hammer embodies the avant-garde frontier of an evolution: a new emerging mindset, as a response to the homologation of taste and expression of the desire for concreteness. Unique beer styles, characterization of the product with a great attention to detail, but especially with an absolutely modern perspective. Hammer wants to present the natural evolution of manual craftsmanship.

Our logo

The logo is inspired by the appeal of the handmade, the constant comparison of the craftsmanship of the master brewer, the most varied ingredients, the creative reworking of traditions, the uniqueness and customization of the product. We also wanted to be inspired as a branding model by a brand often used in the past, but still in use as a symbol and guarantee of quality in various areas. The logo represents just an iron brand that we are now ready to put on all our beers bringing a fresh and new taste in the beer world , Italian and not. Our aim is to play between the Italian spirit and an international character, maintaining a strong reference to the Made in Italy, which is also present in the logo… Italian craft beer.

Our Family

Hammer was born in 2015 from the passion for beer of Fausto Brigati, which connects the whole family and in particular the founders Roberto Brigati and Angelo Brigati moved by a great mission: “…MAKE QUALITY BEER”. We firmly believe that the passion and love of beer are contagious. We hope that anyone who tries our beer will be carried away by the emotion of discovery, spread and share their thoughts.

What we do

The project is based on the production of original beers, with character, with quality and drinkability as main features to embrace and communicate with the world scenario, responding with excellence to the demand for the best in the brewing field. We expect the best in everything we do. Freshness, the highest quality standards, craftsmanship and innovative spirit characterize all beers in production.

How we make it

The beers produced are now and will be the result of the synthesis of ideas, experimentation with new ingredients, know-how, determination, flexibility, sharing, professionalism and brewing technique.